on jews and antisemitism + how to help

people seem to forget that jews get discriminated and killed on a daily basis so ive made an organized carrd to give you all the correct information about the suffering jewish people go through and some information. i’ll keep it updated when i find useful information.
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what is antisemitism?
antisemitism in history
the holocaust
how bad is the situation?
about zionism +is anti-zionism antisemitic?
antisemitic statements
whats happening?
antisemitism worldwide in 2020
how can you help?

whats antisemitism?
antisemitism is is hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against jews. it is considered to be a form of racism. antisemitism has been going for 3000 years, and involves any kind of discrimination towards jewish people, but comes in all different forms. when people outside of the jewish community think about antisemitism, they probably think about more obvious tactics such as, for example, painting slurs on a synagogue.

truth is, most antisemitic actions go unnoticed by non-jewish people for that exact reason. a lot of people are desensitized to harmful rhetoric and biases due to how normalized they have become in daily life and while these, for example, “slight jokes about the holocaust” don’t seem harmful to you, these exact tactics serve as a way of oppressing the jewish community.

antisemitism in history
historically, what began as a conflict over religious beliefs evolved into a systematic policy of political, economic, and social isolation; exclusion, degradation and attempted annihilation. it did not begin in the nazi era, nor did it end with the close of world war II.

— BIBLICAL TIMES: jews were frequently useful to rulers who used their capital to build cathedrals and outfit armies. as long as the jews benefited the ruler, either through finance or by serving as convenient scapegoats, they were tolerated. after the advent of christiananity,a new anti-judaism evolved. initially, chrisitanity was seen as another jewish sect, since jesus was jewish and preached a form of judaism. in the year 70 C.E.,3 the romans destroyed the jewish state and most jews were scattered across the world.

— MIDDLE AGES: jews were subjected to political, economic and social discrimination, resulting in the deprivation of their legal and civil rights. they were restricted to living in ghettos and, beginning in the 13th century, jews were required to wear a distinctive symbol (a badge and/or a pointed hat) so that they could be immediately recognized, an action that was revisited by the nazis in the 20th century. since jews were not allowed to own land and the church did not allow christians to loan money for profit, jews had few alternatives but to become moneylenders. once they became associated with the forbidden trade of usury—the practice of lending money and charging high interest—a new set of stereotypes evolved around the jews as money-hungry and greedy.

the holocaust
most/all of you probably know about the holocaust, but for the sake of this carrd i’ll make a reminder.
the holocaust (1941-1945) was the world war II genocide of european jews. the nazi germans and its collaborations have killed 6 MILLION jews (around two thirds of europe’s jewish population). the murders were carried out in pogroms and mass shootings; by a policy of extermination through work in concentration camps; and in gas chambers and gas vans in german extermination camps. there were 23 main concentration camps, with almost every single one of them having even more subcamps.

— AFTER THE HOLOCAUST; after the world witnessed the horrors of auschwitz anti-semitism became far less accepted. seeing what anti-semitism could lead to made peoples and nations ashamed of openly expressing anti-semitism. although, anti-semitism certainly did not disappear. in fact, now, anti-semitism is at some would say an all time high. this resurgence of anti-semitism is a great concern, especially as we move further and further away from the lessons of the holocaust. the jewish people do have allies around the world, however, who remember the lessons of history and are ready to stand against this very old and very sinister hatred.

how bad is the situation?
anti-semitism is present today even in small situations such as making comments about a jew’s nose size, or making anti-semitic comments critizing jews on money or other anti-semitic stereotypes. antisemitic crimes happen every single day and are swept under the rug. people choose to ignore the suffering of jewish people. said cases are BARELY talked about in social media and justice is rarely served.
the combination of jew hatred and the accumulation of weapons of mass destruction by hostile governments makes the threat of this anti-semitism the greatest since the holocaust.

about zionism
zionism doesnt entirely mean establishing a land on what is now called the state of israel specifically. originally , zionism meant the belief and support of the establishment of a jewish country where jews can live safely without worries. it was never meant to be established in a specific place. the modern country of israel comes from the biblical land of the israelites, and doesn’t necessarily mean israel as we know it now. originally, israel was more of a spiritual idea than a physical one. zionism was the support of jewish people carrying on with their beliefs and hopes. nowadays, modern society has turned zionism into something more violent, negative and destructive when it’s not the case at all - it was never like that in the first place.
is anti-zionism antisemitic?
unlike many things you’ve seen online and mostly on twitter, coming from a jew, yes — anti-zionism is antisemitic. zionism is “both an ideology and nationalist movement among the Jewish people that espouses the re-establishment of and support for a jewish state (in the territory defined as the historic Land of israel)”. regardless of where, disagreeing with the right for jews to have and establish their own country where they can finally feel safe is extremely antisemitic. that’s why, in fact, saying that you’re not antisemitic but anti-zionist is still extremely antisemitic.
zionism is not about jews living in the state of israel as it is right now, but it about them being able to live in a “possible” israel where they can be free from discrimination. anti-zionism is the opposition of supporting israel — a safe place for jewish people to feel safe in which, again, didn’t mean to exist in a specific place and is still more of a spiritual idea than a physical one and does NOT mean nowadays’ israel— not its (israel as we know it now) actions.
not all jews are zionists (some go by the meaning of zionism as modern society made it seem like - which is not how it should be), yet no one but jews is allowed to give any opinion or speak on that matter (by that i mean, if anti zionism is antisemitic).
please don’t speak over jews when it comes to defining antisemitism, deciding what’s harmful for us and what we should bring awareness to. doing so is antisemitic.

some antisemitic statements

”antisemitism ended when the holocaust did”: it’s important to recognize that antisemitism existed long before the holocaust did and long after too. the jewish community has a long history of battling against antisemitism and, surprisingly for you, most of it has nothing to do with the holocaust. saying that the holocaust is the only time antisemitism existed is extremely antisemitic and is invalidating the battles jewish people are going through on a daily basis.
jews are x: basically; generalization. the jewish community is extremely diverse and comes from many different backgrounds depending on where they were displaced during the diaspora. while it's true many jewish-americans are ashkenazi, meaning they're from eastern europe, to assume what all Jews in America look like not only erases POC within the jewish community but is a form of racism. this overlooks the individuals and instead groups a very diverse group under one label, erasing the differences.
“i am not anti semitic, but anti zionist” as explained before, disagreeing with the right for jews to have and establish their own country where they can finally feel safe in is extremely antisemitic. i am not gonna go through the meaning of zionism again, you can click here for that section.

what’s happening?
antisemitism in viena just yesterday (2/11/2020) there was a mass shooting near a synagogue in viena, austria — 50 to 100 bullets were shot at the time and at least 3 people were killed and 14 got injured - 6 in serious condition.

antisemitism in france jews in france make up 0.7% of the population, yet over half the acts of racism recorded in the country are antisemitic. some examples to a few of many things that are happening to jewish people in france:
“anti racism” protestors chanting “dirty jews”
jewish graves desecrated in westhoffen
as the number of attacks on jewish people in france continues to rise, new research found that many jewish people currently fear for their safety.
the acc paris survey found that 70 percent of french jews say they have been victims of at least one antisemitic incident in their lifetime, 64% have suffered antisemitic verbal abuse at least once, and 23% have been targets of physical violence on at least one occasion, with 10 percent saying they were attacked several times. read more here.

jewish people in canada the jewish community in canada has suffered from acts of antisemitism for decades now, yet is always being silenced. still, the antisemitism incidents in canada reached record high for the 4th year in a row.

alongside, there are so many more antisemitic behaviors that are happening and damaging jewish people daily, yet are being swept under the rug. their voices are not heard and they keep being in great danger every day.

antisemitism across the world - 2020
of course, antisemitism doesn’t end here. here’s a non updated list of antisemitic incidents that happened all over the world in early 2020 (jan-june).

- an elderly man in a care facility in Toronto had a swastika drawn on his head.
- the turuk synagogue was vandalized with graffiti.
-a dozen graves at a Jewish cemetery in the area of Bayonne and Biarritz were desecrated.
- a monument to Holocaust victims in the city of Trikala was vandalised.
new zealand 
- a synagogue in Wellington was defaced with numerous bright yellow swastikas.
united kingdom
- a 13-year-old Jewish boy was punched in the stomach and subjected to anti-Semitic abuse on a city bus.

-a visibly Jewish man was harassed by four individuals on the Paris metro. Passengers intervened to end the assault. 
-Swastikas were discovered in the town of San Daniele del Friuli at the entrance of a home belonging to a Jewish family that had been deported during the Holocaust. 
-a bag emblazoned with a Star of David containing soap and antisemitic literature was left outside an exhibition about the Holocaust in the city of Norrköping.

-a 16 year-old boy was severely beaten in the city of Graz by two teenagers who saw him wearing a Star of David and asked if he was Jewish.
-a 57 year-old man wearing a kippah had his teeth broken and antisemitic slurs hurled at him by three attackers.
-a Jewish cemetery in the city of Kiskunfélegyháza was vandalized.

-there was a spate of antisemitic graffiti in Toronto over Passover holiday.
-an individual smashed a window of a building in city of Wroclaw that houses the offices of a Jewish community group.
-the Arkhangelsk Jewish community center was set ablaze in an arson attack.
-The Jewish community center in the city of Kherson was firebombed.

-a golf course in Melbourne owned by a Jewish family was spray-painted with swastikas.
-a Jewish cemetery in the city of Hamina was vandalized.
-a chalk drawn on a street in Duesseldorf equated the Star of David with COVID-19.  
the netherlands
-a kosher restaurant in Amsterdam was repeatedly vandalized.
-a bomb threat was posted on Facebook against a national Jewish organization.

-French white supremacists of "Generation Identitaire" chanted "Dirty Jews" during an anti-racism demonstration in Paris.
-a Polish journalist who previously derided Jews and activists fighting antisemitism on his public broadcast TV show published a book in which he refers to "the myth of the Holocaust, which zionism built itself."
-a visibly Jewish man was stabbed in London in an apparent antisemitic attack.

there have been so much more worldwide antisemitic incidents, but these only happened in 6 months and while some of them don’t seem critical — they are.

how can you help?
sadly, as antisemitic cases barely get spoken of in social media/news, unless you do some digging there’s not much you can do to help. luckily, i’ve done this for you.
the simplest thing you can do is help our voices get heard. share the incidents and help them get recognition so people would know what jewish people are going through.
you can also donate or sign legit petitions to help those in need.